Sunday, 2 December 2012

Short Snippets November Reads

Crossroads by Radclyffe

Obstetrician Dr Hollis Monroe deals mainly with high risk pregnancies. Her work is all consuming. The only relationships she has are with her patients on a strictly professional basis.

Annie Colfax, once one of Dr Monroe’s patients, has never quite forgiven her for the traumatic birth she suffered. When they meet again on a professional level, they are attracted to one another. But neither of them wants a relationship. What will it take to make them realize risks are sometimes worth taking?

A nice, easy, comfortable, well written read in the style of writing I know and love from Radclyffe. Lots of friends from previous books too. Her best book for a long time. Star rating 5/5


The Book Of Eleanor by Nat Burns

Grey Graham is carving out a new life for herself after the tragic death of her partner Mary. She opens up a Bookstore using Mary’s vast collection of books in South Padre Island. Unfortunately the place appears to be haunted. Grey thinks it’s Mary.

Local woman Angie June is a psychic, amongst other professions. Grey hires her to sort out her haunting problem. Angie is interested in having a relationship with Grey. But Grey is concerned mainly with the dead. Will Grey ever get over Mary’s death? Will Angie solve the problem of who is haunting the bookstore?

A Nice, well written haunting story with a simmering romance. Star rating 4/5


The Second Happiest Day by A.E Hammock

Attorney Kara Jenkins is lonely. Her life is great, but she needs someone to love. But Kara is hiding a huge secret.

Professor Madison Roberts meets Kara by chance in the park. It’s virtually love at first sight. Will Madison still feel the same when Kara’s secret is revealed?

First and foremost I have to say, this book in my personal opinion should not be sold as lesfic. So, if you are a true blue, die hard lesbian, you may want to give this one a miss. However, if you don’t mind constant mentions of the male anatomy, you could give the book a go. The story just was not for me or to my liking, although I did read it to the end. I can’t say more than that without putting in spoilers. The star rating is low because I feel the book was categorized wrongly and I wasted my money. Star rating 1/5.


Love In E Flat by Kate Sweeney

Sports writer, Louisa Preston, (Lou) writes for the Chicago Sentinel. She loves her job and is their best writer. But......she is alone.

Famous Russian cellist, Agata Karetniko, is currently performing in Chicago.

When Lou and Agata meet, it isn’t exactly love at first sight, far from it. But that soon changes.

Agata is guardian to orphaned siblings, Ana and Dmitry Maslov.
Add all this into the orchestra and you have Love in E Flat.

After a bit of a slow start, the story really picked up at a nice pace. This book is well written with the usual humor I’ve come to love and expect from a Kate Sweeney book. Star rating 4/5


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