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Affinity and Friends put the X Back in X-Mas

(She Came) upon a Christmas Eve by Del Robertson

Lacey has moved back to her Grandmother’s house, back to the town she’d left years earlier, hiding a secret. It’s Christmas Eve, she’s all alone, but someone is determined she is going to believe in Christmas again and celebrate it too. Lacey is shocked to say the least when a huge tree is delivered to her. Who could have sent it?

Lacey wondered if it was her old friend, Sheriff Sam McAllister, it wasn’t and she has nothing to go on to investigate where the tree came from either. What can be happening? Will Lacey believe in Christmas again?

Sam agrees to stay with Lacey to keep her company, but she gets a call out. Lacey gets a surprise visitor, none other than Kris Kringle. She gets even more of a surprise when Sam returns.

A lovely, well written seasonal story. A story of friendship and love at this special time of the year. Has a nice surprise element.


Leather and Lace by Syd Parker

Willow and her friend Skye are up in Aspen to throw a bachelorette/New Year’s Eve party for Willow’s sister, Summer. Unfortunately, no guests will be arriving due to a bad snow storm.

Willow and Skye decide they will make the most of the cabin and the skiing facilities. Skiing isn’t the only thing on Willow’s mind though. She’s been attracted to Skye for a long time. But Skye is her sister Summer’s friend. She can’t act on her feelings and do anything to jeopardize their friendship, can she?

Unknown to Willow, Skye has been having similar feelings. Suddenly the postponed party and lack of guests doesn’t matter, no, not one little bit.

A wonderful, well penned tale of unrequited love becoming a reality. Some really nice hot erotic and steamy sex scenes, set amid the beautiful Aspen landscape.


White Christmas by Ruth Gogoll

After her car broke down on Christmas Eve in the middle of nowhere, the traveller finds a house with a single occupant. After a while of knocking the door, a beautiful woman asked her in, called a tow truck for her and offered her tea, coffee and a little something extra. After spending the night making mad, passionate love, the traveller woke up alone. Where had the mysterious Veronique gone? She couldn’t have just disappeared, could she?

The traveller decides she has to go in search of Veronique and also to find out what happened to the tow truck. She got more than a surprise when she was told the history of the house. Strange happenings for the festive season indeed.

A lovely well written, hauntingly beautiful story that had an unexpected outcome.


A Conditional Christmas Kiss by Kiki Archer

Angie is having an illicit affair with her boss, Maria. Angie wants to go public, but Maria wants the affair kept a deep dark secret.

Dee, Angie’s co-worker, fancies Angie and wants her for her girlfriend. At last, Maria is willing to give Angie a public kiss under the mistletoe at the office party. But first, Angie has to carry out three assignments. What has Maria got in store for Angie? Will Angie carry them out and get her kiss?

A well written and extremely hilarious seasonal story. A word of warning, ‘don’t eat or drink anything while you are reading this. You may choke’!


Elevate The Spirit by J.M Dragon and Irish Eyes

Kaitlyn was on her last nerve. It was late Christmas Eve and she was still in the office with her boss Melinda having a go at her. Enough was enough, Kaitlyn quit right there and then. She cleared her desk and headed off for the elevator. It was obviously bad timing as Melinda had the same idea.

Unfortunately for Kaitlyn and Melinda, the elevator ground to a halt. They were stuck. Suddenly their argument was forgotten. What could they do to while away the time until the maintenance team turned up? Lets just say, the elevator got over heated and Kaitlyn and Melinda no longer cared about work, bosses, underlings or anything else.

A well written, red hot seasonal holiday story from a dynamic duo. J.M Dragon is a brilliant author in her own right. Irish Eyes is a terrific author too, she should write more often. Together they’ve made this story sizzle.


The Promise by Stein Willard

Countessa Phillipa Croft, (Phil) is renowned for never having sex with the same woman twice. It would take something short of a miracle to get her to change her ways.

Justine had been the recipient of Phil’s charms and ousted just like every other woman. She just can’t get Phil out of her mind. She’d taken to standing outside Phil’s house just to get a glimpse of her. Will Phil give Justine a second glance?

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s freezing, once again Justine is standing outside. What will Phil do? She can’t leave her outside. Is Phil warming towards Justine? No, it can’t be, Phil never beds the same woman twice. But there is always a first time for everything. Has Justine melted the ice around Phil’s heart?

A nicely written tale for the holiday season. The story had me hoping for a happy ending. Did it have one? You’ll have to read it to find out.


The Limelight by Liz Bradbury

Lieutenant Maggie Gale, from Fenchester Police is investigating a spate of thefts at Irwin College. Numerous electrical items have disappeared over a period of time. When Maggie interviews Professor Olivia Pearson, she feels an attraction towards her. Olivia invites Maggie to a poetry reading and Maggie is more than agreeable to the idea.

Maggie carries on her investigations but nothing is jumping out at her. She racks her brains to find an answer. When Maggie finally works out who the thief is, it’s quite a surprise. Add in another surprise when Olivia goes home with Maggie.

A well written story featuring Maggie Gale, one of my favorite characters. The story was well worked out and had a great twist.


Elvish by Nat Burns

Krista has sworn off women, she’s still nursing a broken heart. She’d moved down to Miami to be with her lover Molly. It had been one big mistake. Now she was sweltering in the vast heat listening to Elvis to keep her company.

Krista is currently working as an Elf in Craig’s Department Store. When a new Santa arrives, he asks Krista out. She of course refuses. But all is not as it seems. Can Krista possibly be attracted to Kennedy, the new Santa? Will Krista change her mind?

What happens next is certainly an eye opener in more ways than one.

A great seasonal tale with an unexpected outcome to it.


Santa’s Little Helper by Susan X Meagher

Chelsea is in a relationship with mild mannered Melanie. She isn’t exactly unhappy with Melanie, but she wants more than it seems Melanie is prepared to give. Should she stay with her even though the sex isn’t great? She’s already had one discussion with Melanie over her needs and nothing has changed. Other than this, Melanie is perfect.

Chelsea isn’t at all prepared for the Christmas present Melanie has for her. It appears that Melanie did listen to her all those months previously. What has Melanie got for Chelsea?

A lovely well written hot and steamy story to put some spice in to your festivities.


This is an excellent collection of short stories from a bunch of wonderful authors. Each and every story in this book is flawless. I loved them all. Every story is hot and steamy and based around the Christmas holiday season. Something to add a little spice to your Christmas cheer. I have to admit, in most anthologies there are one or two stories I’m not too keen on. Not so with this one. They are all excellent quality and I love them all. There is a nice variety too. Although all are x-rated, the actual stories are so vastly different. Unlike with some x-rated anthologies, the stories drew me in, they are not just sex and erotica, although there is more than enough of that to keep you happy.

Each of the authors has poured their heart and soul into their stories. The characters in all stories are multidimensional and loveable. In my opinion all these characters have the potential to appear again in either a full length book or another short story.

The other thing that I particularly like about this collection is they are all new. Written especially for this collection. No racking my brain to think where I’ve read a story before. You won’t get that in here.

If you only buy one anthology this Christmas, please make it this one. I highly recommend it and it will benefit an animal charity. This will be a new seasonal read for me. I’ll get it out each Christmas to kick off the festivities.

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