Monday, 2 June 2014

Wet by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox

An erotic short story
A well known author and her not so well known partner attend a lesbian fiction conference. The partner keeps well out of sight and watches the speeches from the audience. When her author partner opens the floor up to questions, one reader asks about a scene in her book. The authors partner knows how embarrassed she will be and also how wet it will make her.
The talk can’t be over quick enough for either of them so they can escape to the privacy of their room.
A satisfying well written quick read with two wonderful characters who obviously care for one another deeply. This makes the difference between the usual erotica and this sensitive, sensual, heartfelt erotic story. This may be short, but there is a lot packed into it. Including an off the chart, red hot shower scene.
I loved this story and I’m pleased I have another one to read with the same characters. If you like erotica, I highly recommend this story.

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