Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Ball by Alane Hotchkin

A Short Story

Construction worker and part time author, Shane Blackhawk, was painfully shy, with no self confidence. She had very few friends and had no idea how to put herself out there to make any. Shane is currently writing a series of novels. The first of which is due to be published in the next few months.

When Shane begins to take a bit more interest in online groups, she meets someone online. Someone who seems to like her as much as she likes them. Shane’s luck has taken a turn for the better, she’s finally met her soul mate.

Three years later a family tragedy occurs. Shane travels to Ireland, leaving her wife and mother behind, to bury one of the few people she’s ever loved dearly. Shane decides she must stay in Ireland for a while to try to make sense of the recent events.

A ghostly encounter sets Shane back on the right track and headed home to her wife and mother, just in time for the Halloween Ball.

This well written short story is the introduction to a new series, The Blackhawk Chronicles. If this story is anything to go by, the series is going to be a blockbuster. The characters kicking off the series are all ones I simply have to know more about. This short story is by no means enough for me. It’s a mere taster of what is yet to come.

The story is full of tantalising titbits, just enough to whet my appetite, but nowhere near enough to sate it. I Can hardly wait for the first book to be published.

This story is free on the Affinity website. You’ve got nothing to lose by downloading it and everything to gain. 


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