Friday, 1 November 2013

Bound by Ali Spooner

Book 2 in The Devil’s Tree series

Tia and Devin are now a mated couple. Tia is a witch and Devin is a werewolf. They are currently living in New Orleans. When a powerful rogue vampire and his band of rogue ‘were’s’ threaten to destroy the peace and harmony between the human and supernatural inhabitants of New Orleans, including the planned take over of Devin’s home wolf pack, action must be taken.

Lord Jordan, a strong and powerful ruling member of the New Orleans vampire clan, hires bounty hunters, mated couple, human, Win and werecat, Alix to rid the world of the rogues. Unable to tackle the enormous task alone, they join forces with Tia and Devin. But even with Tia’s special spells and the combined efforts of the others, will they be strong enough to succeed? Or will the rogues win and bring chaos to New Orleans?

Another winning series from Ali Spooner. She has put out a good series, different to others, in the world of ‘were’ animals. As with each book I’ve read of Ali’s, I found myself unable to put this down. It’s a page turner from start to finish.

We met Tia and Devin in The Devil’s Tree. In Bound, we meet Win and Alix. They are all joined by a number of characters from the first book along with other new characters and they all interact well together.

As always, Ali has shown herself to be a master storyteller. Each book she writes is vastly different from her others. No two stories are alike. This is one of the things that draws me to her books. I never know what I’m going to be reading about. She tells her stories with a touch of humor throughout, making a heavy story a touch more light hearted, without detracting from it’s seriousness.

Although both books are stories that conclude and could be read as a standalone, I feel a reader would lose out on a great book by not reading The Devil’s Tree first. It really sets the scene and introduces us to the characters and the settings.

As well as an exciting story, there is a tender romance simmering away throughout the book. Well, two romances really, as an added bonus.

I’ve added this book into my re-read folder.


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