Monday, 4 June 2012

Secluded Heart by Graysen Morgen

Thirty year old cardiac surgeon Chase Leery is living a life of all work and no play. She is in a dead end relationship and she’s coming to the conclusion that she has to change her lifestyle.

When Chase meets artist Remy Sheridan at her friend Frankie’s art gallery, she is immediately attracted to her. But Chase is with Yelena and Remy is straight and has a boyfriend. It’s not long before Chase ousts Yelena from her life, leaving her single for the first time in years.

Chase and Remy meet each other in passing several times. Neither woman can seemingly resist the other. It soon becomes apparent to Chase, that she wants more than Remy is prepared to give. Chase doesn’t want to be second best anymore. But Remy can’t or won’t end her relationship with her boyfriend Brian to be with Chase.

When a tragedy occurs and Chase finds out the secrets Remy has been hiding, will it be too late to tell Remy what is in her heart?

I enjoyed this story very much even though it was quite short. Graysen Morgen is a wonderful storyteller. Even though the story is short, there is a lot packed in to it and it is fast paced, with numerous twists and turns. I liked the group of close friends and the interaction between Chase and Remy was sensual and hot. There are numerous well described scenic settings from Mount Sinai Hospital, Miami, where Chase works, to as far as New York.

I have a few issues with this book though. There are editing problems. Typos and grammatical errors, plus quite a lot of blank pages making an already short book, even shorter. Normally I can ignore these things. But as this book cost over $10, I expected a longer story and better editing.

Having said this, if you don’t mind the price tag and the editing issues, the story is a jolly good read.

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