Thursday, 7 June 2012

Falling Snow by Graysen Morgen

Trauma surgeon Dr Cason MaCauley works at a large Denver hospital for ten months of the year and has a two month winter rotation in Aspen for the other two months. It’s more like an easy going working vacation for Cason in Aspen. It’s no where near as busy as her job in Denver.

When Cason is literally knocked off her feet outside of a ski store by professional snowboarder, Adler Troy, how could Cason know this encounter would change her life forever?

Cason is attracted to Adler right away. She has no idea of who she is. Adler is also having unusual feelings and can’t stop thinking about Cason.

When Adler is injured in a snowboarding accident, she ends up in the hospital being treated by Cason, the woman she keeps thinking about. Adler is questioning her feelings for Cason, a woman she only met once before. She is confused, after all, she is straight and married.

Cason hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Adler either. But when she finds out who Adler is, plus the fact she is straight and married, Cason knows she must back off. She cannot possibly allow herself to get involved with Adler.

Adler herself has a terrible shock when she finds out her husband is cheating on her, will this have an impact on her confusing feelings for Cason?

The more time Cason and Adler spend together, the more Cason becomes infatuated and the more confused Adler becomes.

Will Cason drop her guard and allow her feelings for Adler to develop? Will Adler sort out her feelings for Cason out before it’s too late?

A nicely paced romance. I loved the story and the scenic descriptions. The two main characters, Cason and Adler oozed charm and sex appeal. The passion between them is hot and steamy. The story has a great cast of supporting characters too. All in place to progress the story forward.

Unfortunately, this book has a number of typos and needs a good editor. The story was also on the short side. Add this to the editorial problems, the price tag is far too high. But if you don’t mind paying a high price and the typos, the story is good.

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