Sunday, 4 March 2012

L As In Love Book Four by Ruth Gogoll


This book carries on from where book three ended with the same group of friends plus some new ones added.

Writer Anna Lessing is in therapy. She’s trying to find a solution to her intimacy problems. That’s fine until she becomes attracted to her psychotherapist. There’s just a few problems with this. Her therapist is straight, she’s married and she never mixes business with pleasure anyway.

Carolin and Rebekka are enjoying married life. That’s when they see each other. Rebekka is still working all hours to keep her business afloat.

Silvia is still grieving the loss of her wife, Karla. Although Silvia has a constant stream of women, she can never allow herself to fall in love again.

Thea finds a new job and a rather interesting and surprising love interest.

Chris is not giving up hope on Sabrina making a full recovery.

Rick has a new woman in her life, but still carries a torch for Melly.

Melly will only have the odd one night stand. She can’t possibly allow herself to get involved with anyone.

Evelyn, Melly’s cook, wants to get to know Melly better. Will Melly have to let her go? She can’t work with someone knowing they want a relationship.

Marlene is still working in the porn business. She is currently living with her work colleague and friend, Carmen. Marlene is regretting losing Anita.

Anita begins seeing Anna again. Why would she do that? When Anita meets the obviously wealthy and attractive older woman, Tonia, sparks begin to fly between them. But what is Tonia hiding? Will poor, sweet, gullible Anita get hurt yet again?

This is another absolutely amazing addition to this wonderful series. A page turner that I just could not put down. A book I was sorry to see end.

I love losing myself in these books amongst the now well loved characters. I never know which way their lives are going to turn next. For better or for worse. As each book comes to an end, I feel a profound sense of loss and feel anxious as to how long I will have to wait for the next book to be published.

Like all the rest of the books in this series, this one does not disappoint. There is the consistency of good writing and the storylines are followed on seamlessly. The writing flows.

This book has all the usual drama’s, dilemma’s, heartbreak, and in places hilarity as the previous books. Oh, I should also add in here, in parts it’s so hot it’s smoking. In my opinion, this series would be great made into a film or a mini TV series. There is plenty to capture an audience.

I hope Book Five will appear soon. Very soon.

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