Sunday, 4 March 2012

How To Wrangle A Woman by Susan X Meagher

Brooklyn York is a celebrity. She works hard, she takes part in a talk radio show and has to be at work by 6.AM and her weekends are spent traveling all over the country doing one night shows.

Brooklyn isn’t in control of her life. She finds it hard to get in to any sort of routine with her odd working hours. She drinks a bit too much, pops the odd sleeping pills and can’t get up in the mornings. Her manager, Kat, is no help to her either. All Kat wants is her pay check, she does next to nothing to earn her money.

Matters come to a head when Brooklyn gets in to a spot of trouble. Spectrum, Brooklyn’s employers, hire a talent wrangler/babysitter to organize her life and to try and get her back on track. Brooklyn is not pleased.

Kerri Klein, is the woman hired to babysit Brooklyn. When Brooklyn meets Kerri, she finds she is not at all what she expected. Kerri soon gets settled in and begins to find that although Brooklyn is easy to get on with, she is going to find it hard to keep their relationship, business only. Kerri is drawn to Brooklyn in a way that is anything but professional. Will Kerri give in to her desires? Meanwhile Brooklyn is battling with her own desires. Which one will give in first? Or will both women decide to keep things on a professional level?

I have to say, that although I am a great fan of Susan Meagher’s books, this book did not grip me.The two main characters, Brooklyn and Kerri spent almost the entire book playing cat and mouse around one another and getting no where. I found them both extremely irritating. In my opinion, they did not suit one another right from the very beginning. Chalk and cheese can sometimes be good, but Brooklyn and Kerri just did not seem to gel.

Brooklyn has so many issues, which takes up a good part of the book and doesn’t get resolved until almost the end. Kerri has her own issues and problems, which also takes up most of the book and once again, does not get resolved until almost the end.

There is no real spark between these two women until, once again, almost the end. By which time I really couldn’t have cared if they got together or not!

I always look forward to any new release from this author. I’m really disappointed with this book. I tried so hard to like it, to like the characters and to like the story. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

I will buy Susan’s next book because she has given me hours of reading pleasure and I’ve dearly loved her other books. But I guess, there has to be the odd book that just doesn’t hit the spot.

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