Monday, 14 July 2014


Leslie Burke had a brain tumor. She was faced with two choices. Stay where she was and face a certain death, or opt for cryosleep and wake up sometime in the near future cured. Leslie chose cryosleep.

When Leslie wakes up, she is shocked and dismayed to find herself more than four thousand years in the future. Revived people, refugees like Leslie, are barely tolerated outcasts in this world, Jashari.

Leslie tries her hardest to accept her new world, but she is lonely and has a lot to learn. The one thing she discovers that hasn’t changed in her new world is the human penchant for avarice and hypocrisy.

When Leslie discovers she is being scrutinized by the Jashari ruling Council, she sets out to find out the reason why they should be so interested in her.

But, who can she trust? Who is friend and who is foe? Leslie is even doubting her own heart. How can she be attracted to Aimée? After all, Aimée isn’t even totally human. But, in a new world with a healthy life in front of her, does it really matter who she loves?

This is the second book I’ve read by Lea Daley. Her first book was excellent, very well written and I was looking forward to reading more from her. She has absolutely excelled herself with FutureDyke. Not only is this book well written and edited, it is a page turner right the way through. Lea has shown that she is capable of writing in varied genres. This book is science fiction at it’s very best.

Lea has created a whole new world, a world set in the future with a new language and new technology. It is interesting to see this world of Jashari through the eyes of an earthling as Leslie learns to cope four thousand years in the future from her own past. The plot is tight and fast paced. Full of twists and turns. Just when I thought things were levelling out, the plot would veer off in a totally different direction. A real roller-coaster ride. Jashari and it’s people are so well described, I managed to immerse myself totally in the story and live alongside Leslie and Aimée.

These characters are all fully developed and multidimensional, each one playing an important role in the progression of the story. Nothing is left unexplained or left as loose ends and the world of Jashari is described and shown extremely well.

There are many heart-stopping moments, but there is fun and laughter too. Whether you like Sci/fi or not, this story is outstanding. I’ve added it to my re-read pile for a second, leisurely read.


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