Thursday 3 April 2014

London Calling by Clare Lydon

Londoner Jess had been living in Australia for three years when she had her heart broken by her cheating girl friend, Karen. Utterly miserable, she decided to return home to her family. A part of her heart was left in Australia though. Even as Jess sat on the plane, she wondered if Karen was happy, or if she realized she’d made a mistake and wanted Jess back. All wishful thinking of course.

On Jess’s return to London, she’s jobless, living at home with her parents and single again. Not quite the life she had envisaged herself leading at the age of thirty two.

As Jess gradually begins to sort herself out, she meets the beautiful and slightly shy Lucy, she wonders if her life is going to take a turn for the better. But as is usual with Jess, her life of near chaos gets in the way. First there is her best friend Julia’s wedding, then coming back to haunt her at inopportune moments are some of her previous girl friends, as if this isn’t enough, there is a goodly measure of tequila thrown into the mix.

Will Jess and Lucy’s new found friendship stand a chance, let alone the possibility of love? Will Jess ever find her happy ever after?

When I saw the title of this book, noticed that it was lesfic and by a debut author, the deal was done, I had to buy it. It’s one of the best buys I’ve made recently. This book is well written and edited, gripping, fast paced and a page turner from start to finish. It’s filled right to the brim with wonderful, multidimensional characters, glorious scenic descriptions of my home town, hilarity, family issues, loving and not so loving friends, there are even a couple of extra cute children to add to all the fun. A true melting pot full of authentic British dialogue and drama.

Although the dialogue is decidedly British, I think it will be easy for overseas readers to follow. I manage quite well with most American books, so I can’t see a problem.

I’m looking forward to reading Clare’s next book. Now and then I come across an author who I feel is going places. Clare Lydon is one such author. If her second book is as good as her debut book, she’s set to fly high in the world of lesfic. A book I’ll read many times and added to my favorites folder.


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